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Independent Insurance Producer

As an Independent Insurance Producer, you will help protect clients and their families. You will also be able to work from just about any location, and set your own schedule. 

But you are not alone. The management team of Kentucky Financial Guardians, inc will have your back. Offering training, and other advice that you might need.

Worried about getting a raise? Well with us you have unlimited income potential. You have the opportunity to increase your income by 50% in year 2. 

Career Description


You will advise people and families with their insurance coverage. Making sure their insurance provides the protection they NEED and WANT. With your advise you may prevent a family from ending up destitute. 


Career Description

In this highly competitive, and rewarding career. You will be an Independent Insurance Advisor. No experience is needed. A High school diploma , a Life, Health, Property and Casualty Insurance License. Which you will take classes for after our interview and we both agree to work together.

We will provide training on both advising and products. Flexible work hours, and work from just about any location most of the time. With UNLIMITED income potential.



As an Independent Insurance Advisor, you will learn how to protect families and individuals using a variety of insurance products. You will be advising clients on their current insurance coverage and make changes based on the clients current needs and wants. You will also seek out potential clients and other duties as requested.


Major Tasks & Responsibilities

  1. Advise clients on their insurance coverage and make recommendations based on their NEEDS & WANTS. Using insurance products.

  2. Seek out people in of need your HELP with their insurance.

  3. Help clients process claims.

  4. Service your client's insurance policy's.

  5. And other duties as requested.

Ready to start a life-changing career? 

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