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Customer Service Representative (CSR)

This position can be a temp to hire position. Work successfully for 6 months and we will discuss a full time position. 


Envision having the power and responsibility to service and help families with their insurance policy questions. Everyday  you will have a positive impact on the families that Kentucky Financial Guardians serve by helping customers resolve their questions related to their policies. 


Kentucky Financial Guardians Corporation Customer Service Representatives are the first line of contact for customer queries regarding their insurance policy. You will need to take personal responsibility for identifying customer needs and responding in a timely manner, while providing a high value customer experience. 


Career Description

Responsibilities Including but not limited to:


  1. Answering customer questions with a professional attitude and empathy.

  2. Taking accurate notes of the client's situation if it is not within you can not handle.

  3. Effectively utilizing and navigating internal resources, and business partner relationships.

  4. Demonstrating excellent call handling skills, patience and respect with complex and non-complex calls.

  5. Establishing rapport customers, making them feel unique and valued.

  6. Completing Customer Service Representative training now and continuing education.

  7. Help manage appointments.

  8. Organize paperwork


Skills Needed:


  1. Your ability to uncover hidden client needs using effective fact finding.

  2. Your ability to identify actions necessary to complete tasks and obtain results.

  3. Have a positive attitude.

  4. Ability to listen to and work with diverse customers with a wide range of challenges to achieve outcomes where everybody wins.

  5. Learn quickly and retain information to assist with decision-making.

  6. Be able to display understanding.

  7. Excellent interpersonal skills both written and verbal.

  8. Multi-Tasking ( able to talk and research at the same time).

  9. Being responsible and punctual.

  10. Display organizational skills.

  11. Detail orientation.

  12. Take personal accountability for acquiring the expertise, knowledge and information to effectively tackle customer’s issues.



  1. Highschool Diploma, a Bachelor’s degree is a bonus.

  2. Personal computer fluency required: Windows Office and Open Office, and web based applications experience preferred. 


Company Overview


Kentucky Financial Guardians Corporation is a locally owned Independent Insurance Agency. We focus on being a clients one shop stop for insurance needs and more. We help protect clients' families and their business using insurance. We take a personal approach to our clients.

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